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Coldskill is a HVAC contractor and procurement company specialist for Air conditioning and Refrigeration. Coldskill designs, installs, and maintains advanced cooling systems to help people do better work and live better lives. We serve the whole of the England, tackling projects of all sizes, from comms rooms, small shops & offices, hotels, schools, colleges, and large commercial developments. We use our technical expertise and meticulous attention to details to deliver quality service. Our objective is to provide the advanced products and services with cost effective, efficient, and reduced maintenance costs that will exactly meet our customer’s expectations.

Providing cold storage solutions with a customer-focused approach and a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness.

Reducing cold storage contractor supply challenges.

B2B Services: Cold Room Material Supplier

Coldskill started out as a HVAC&R Engineering business but soon became aware of the amount of time and money wasted on ordering and collecting goods from several sources particularly in cold storage projects.

Improvement was called for and the unique concept of a one stop shop for all requirements to build a cold room was born. Simply place an order today and goods are dispatched same day and delivered to any UK destination next day.

With over 15 years of experience in the trade, our friendly sales team understand your needs and are devoted to finding cost-effective-on-time solutions.

Today, Coldskill customers are guaranteed that whether it be a quote, query or order an unsurpassed service and unbeatable prices come their way EVERY TIME ON TIME.

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