Service & Maintenance

SERVICE & MAINTENANCE Is our core skill

Cold Skill Ltd offers a fully integrated aftersales service to ensure you receive the maximum long-term benefits from our installations.

We believe that a Planned Maintenance regime is the essential first step to be considered following the installation and commissioning of the products we offer. Very often expensive and technically advanced equipment is neglected which can lead to expensive failures and increased running costs.

We have used manufacturer’s recommendations to form the check lists which are the template for our Planned Maintenance Inspections and the data gathered will be used to form the basis for the mandatory F-Gas checks.

Advantages of regular
air con maintenance

Regular maintenance will not only keep your equipment running at optimum levels of efficiency but minor adjustments can be made in a timely manner to avoid more serious problems, so to that end we would hope that the delivery of your newly installed system is just the start of your relationship with us.
And if Cold Skill Ltd didn’t supply and install the equipment – no problem we can still offer you the same level of service.
So whilst you concentrate on your own business you can just leave it to us.

Benefits of scheduling regular service and maintenance visits for your air conditioning system include:

  • Reduce costs by minimising emergency call out charges.
  • Reduced risk of service disruption and potential loss of sales.
  • Avoid any inconvenience caused by unexpected, yet avoidable problems.
PPM contract
with Cold Skill

Upon entering into a Planned Preventative Maintenance Agreement we will:

  • Tailor a PPM package to suit your individual requirements.
  •  Schedule the visits using our bespoke planning system which will alert us when your PPM is due.
  •  Contact you to schedule an appointment for a convenient day and time.
  •  Allocate the work to a trained engineer who will attend in company uniform.
  • Complete the PPM in an efficient manner causing the minimum disruption to your operations.
  •  Clean, lubricate and make minor adjustments as necessary to maintain maximum operational efficiency of the equipment.
  •  Produce a report on the equipment’s condition along with any recommendations of remedial works that may be required.
  • Produce and maintain an F-Gas Log for any systems that fall within the current F-Gas legislation, being all but the smallest of systems.
  • Preserve any Extended Warranty offered by the equipment manufacturers.

Our air conditioning maintenance service is available nationwide. Our engineers are located throughout the UK and are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To comply with F-Gas and ODS regulations, our engineers hold current City & Guilds 2078 and 2079 certifications, enabling them to handle refrigerant safely. They all also hold up to date CSCS cards.

We recommend that your air conditioning system is serviced twice per year to maintain the equipment. A fully planned preventative maintenance check will be carried out, and the tasks for this include:

  • Cleaning filters, airways, evaporator coils and condensate pumps.
  • Inspecting insulation, pipework and wiring.
  • Completing service reports.
  • Checking for leaks, pressure and refrigeration levels.

We also offer an air conditioning repair service, so if we find anything that needs repairing, we will include this in your service report and quote for the job where required.

You are guaranteed a valid manufacturer’s warranty

Avoid costly repairs due to mechanical failures

Your equipment will last longer, giving you a greater return on investment

Utilizes energy efficiently to reduce environmental impact

Ensure leak testing compliance with F-GAS regulations

In Addition

Our nationwide team of qualified and manufacturer-trained engineers provides a breakdown service with a swift response time.
Our strong relationship with all the major manufacturers gives us speedy access to:

  • Expert Technical Assistance
  • Spare Parts Procurement
  • Manufacturer Level Monitoring Equipment
  • Engineer Training

A maintenance package will be offered with all new installations, but for further details on our services please contact our friendly customer service team.


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