Healthcare & Surgery

HealthCare & Surgery

At Cold Skill, we understand that hospitals and specialist units require very specific comfort conditions; additionally operating rooms and intensive care units require specialist air renewal, filtration, and treatment solutions.
We can provide bespoke Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) compliant HVAC systems, including air handlers, heat recovery complete with ductwork and grills to the internal area.
With heat recovery providing the most economical form of heating and cooling, you can achieve lower carbon, all year-round comfort for both patients and staff


Dentists have been hit hard by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, due in part to the period of ‘down time’ that must be observed between patients, particularly after any Aerosol-Generating Procedures (AGPs), such as fillings, root canal treatment or surgical extractions, which require the use of high-speed drills or instruments
It’s a fact: poor ventilation extends fallow time.

BuT There’s good news!

Cold Skill Ltd engineers managed to minimize the fallow time at a dentist surgery clinic in London with multiple surgery rooms, by installing seven 5KW Panasonic AC at each section which can purify and change the air more than 18 times per hour (18 ACH) thanks to it’s pioneering filtration technology the NanoeX, eliminating air pollutants and halving fallow time.

Approved by several independent research and trusted by private dental surgeries across the UK, The Panasonic Nanoe X Technology purifies the air in your home to help eliminate airborne germs, virus and bacteria including the SARS-CoV-2. This technology also removes odors, smoke particles, and other harmful substances from your home’s indoor air. Besides removing pollutants, the Panasonic Nanoe X Technology also removes allergens like mould spores to provide relief for allergy sufferers. Cold skill as an approved installer partner of Panasonic HVAC equipment in UK can provide this revolutionary air conditioning, practical air purification and temperature control solution to our clients for delivering clean air and maximising patient throughput.

climate solution for
Veterinary clinics

Temperature and ventilation control have always been important for a successful veterinary clinic, as animals can be quite sensitive to varying temperatures. Specialised rooms also have particular needs – for example, many medicines stored in your pharmacy are likely to need to be kept out of the fridge but below 24 degrees Celsius. Elsewhere, a cooler temperature may be required: As one UK- based operator put it, “We need three people inside the room for surgery and they are dressed, so it gets really hot.” You also need to be able to adjust temperatures in real time for when a room becomes busy with animals and warms up fast.

Equally, air quality has become a far more significant consideration as a result of the pandemic. The air around us contains millions of particles of bacteria, viruses, particulate matter, mould, and allergens, and Covid-19 has driven awareness of the importance of supplying clean air to customers.

In Summary

Cold Skill air conditioner engineers are experienced, highly qualified air conditioning specialists, offering dentists, surgeries and veterinaries a comprehensive ventilation and filtration solution utilizing the latest technologies available to the HVAC industry.

A professional team with over 20 years of industry experience

Up to 7 Years Manufacturer warranty available

Customer focussed business with the customer at the heart of all we do

The Knowledge to find the best solution for your needs & budget

Committed to providing the latest energy-efficient equipment from leading manufacturers


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