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Breuer and Spitzer

The newly opened Oak & Poppy in Hampstead is the sixth restaurant from First Restaurant Group. Located in the heart of Hampstead, this all-day bar and kitchen aims to be a relaxed dining spot for friends and families throughout the day, from breakfast to dinner. The seasonal menu focuses on nutritious dishes. Other restaurants from First Restaurant Group include The Grafton Arms, The One Tun, and The Hayden. Oak & Poppy joins the group’s roster of casual but quality establishments in prime London neighborhoods.

The Customer Requirement

With a vision of creating environments that resonate with perfection, Oak&Poppy has entrusted us with the task of orchestrating a comprehensive upgrade. Our mission involves the installation and integration of 16 cutting-edge Daikin ducted and wall-mounted air conditioning systems, seamlessly merging indoor and outdoor realms into havens of comfort.

But that’s not all. Oak&Poppy’s aspiration for excellence extends to the realm of cold storage, as evidenced by their endeavor to establish a walking chiller and walking freezer. A spacious expanse measuring 2 x 4 x2.4 (H) will house this innovation, equipped with the unparalleled prowess of Maxkold technology.

In addition, our expertise will be further harnessed for the commissioning and installation of a sophisticated Beer cellar, where craftsmanship meets modernity to create the perfect ambiance for preserving the essence of a fine brew.

This collaboration with Oak&Poppy marks the dawn of a promising partnership. Just as we have demonstrated our dedication to every project, every detail, and every aspiration, we are prepared to shape spaces that transcend expectations and foster environments of utmost luxury and efficiency.

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